A mayor rewrite is comming this way, look out! :).
Introducing a lot of new features like mysql support,
scoring, real user handling and much more :)). 0.0.9 will
be the last version that is still file based, after it
phpgo will be ported to mysql and file based support will
be dropped.


phpgo is a go board webclient to play the ancient boardgame called go
on the internet with your friends. It's like playing go by mail, but faster
and the interface is much nicer and illegal moves can't be made because phpgo
is not permitting them.
It is designed for two human players only, NO AI, YES that means you
have to play against yourself or another person you send the game
password to. I can't stress that enough!!!

A working installation of the current verison can be found here.

Project generously hosted by
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  • Nice go board
  • Reloads every 10 seconds while waiting for other player.
  • Only depends on PHP 4.x, no need for a database.
  • You don't need register globals
  • SGF files of games can be download at any time

  • Screenshots:


    Current release phpgo v0.0.8


    This software (phpgo) is Copyrighted 2003 by Alexander Pärsch, I am releasing it under the terms and conditions of the

    GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991

    or later.


    v0.0.8: - Handicap of black player was not saved in the sgf files
            - Handicap was not setable
    	- Handicap stones are now set correctly on the board and
              the lowest handicap is now set to two stones.
            - When played a stone the history was wrong until a reload occured.
    	- No need for register globals anymore.
    	- You can now browse history forward
    	- You can now browse history backward
    v0.0.7: -handycap stones for black can now be set
            -game history can now be browsed
            -cleaned the source a little bit
            -sgf files of games can now be downloaded
    v0.0.6: -a better two player option
    	-new games can now be created
    	-better view of existing games
    	-spectators can now view a
    	 game without the need of a password
    	-corrected bug in boards smaler than 19x19
    v0.0.5: -new board graphics
    	-last played stone is now marked
    	-a simple two player option with md5
    	 password hashes saved in the game file
    	 and the ability to pass and resign.
    	-move history
    	-prisoner count
    	-ko is now checked correctly and forbidden
    v0.0.4: -fixed a bug, were stones were not correctly
             removed from the board
    	-first release, not playable thought
    v0.0.3: -suicide is not possible any more
    	-implented a two player test
    v0.0.2: -complete code rewritten
    	-board splitted into different images,
    	 dramaticly speeds up loading
    	-added board coordinates
    v0.0.1: -initial idea


    	-delete a game if last move was (0.0.9)
    	 a month ago and game is not yet
    	-komi				(0.0.9)
    	-better documentation 		(0.0.9)
    	-final score calculation	(0.0.9)
    	-mysql database and user	(0.0.10)
    	-game comments 			(0.0.10)
    	-use sessions 			(0.0.10)
    	-chat function 			(0.1.0)
    	-code cleanup 			(0.1.0)
    	-announce on freshmeat		(0.1.0)


    	- None are currently known!
    Please report bugs to <phpgo at codeguru dot li>
    Last changed on 21.04.2004 18:11 UMT+1.